[pkg] 1.7.3 1.7.3 centos/1.7.3-1 debian/1.7.3-1

[pkg] update debian packaging

[pkg] depend on cubicweb 3.19

[views] avoid rtags warning when not using the 'forge' cube

[test] update to cubicweb 3.19 APIs

[views] don't rely on _ being builtin

[schema] don't rely on builtin _

Update for cubicweb 3.16

merge stable into default

Added tag cubicweb-mailinglist-version-1.7.2, cubicweb-mailinglist-debian-version-1.7.2-1, cubicweb-mailinglist-centos-version-1.7.2-1 for changeset 80b586f4684d stable

(0) -10 +10 tip