1.7.2 stable cubicweb-mailinglist-centos-version-1.7.2-1 cubicweb-mailinglist-debian-version-1.7.2-1 cubicweb-mailinglist-version-1.7.2

recommends the sioc cube stable

[views] silence cw 3.15 compat warning stable

[entities] silence cw 3.14 compat warning stable

[packaging] add spec file for centos stable

[debian] update packaging to match latest cube template stable

[debian] fix copy-pasta that caused us to wrongly ship an egg-info file stable

Added tag cubicweb-mailinglist-debian-version-1.7.1-1 for changeset 77c1efd80adb stable

Added tag cubicweb-mailinglist-version-1.7.1 for changeset 19ec23feb27e stable cubicweb-mailinglist-debian-version-1.7.1-1

backport stable

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